Clawington of Madison

A true home away from home where your pet can enjoy the very finest in comfort and luxury.


Our themed suites are comfortable, spacious, and fun! Browse through some of your options here. 


From grooming to bathing, we will make sure your pet is 100% pampered.


We’re here to make sure your pet gets the love and attention they need throughout the day.


From an interactive outdoor water park to the very best in cat trees, we have all the amenities your pet might want.

Clawington of Madison

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It’s a conundrum: you need to make a living, but you don’t want to leave your beloved pet at home alone all day. At Clawington, we’re here to provide your pet with love and attention throughout the day, as well as enrichment from our top-of-the-line toys and amenities.


Whether your pet is boarding with us or you just want to bring them in to pamper them, our pet spa experience is just what they need. From luxurious baths to professional trimming and grooming, our spa has it all!


Pet Boarding

Whether you’re leaving them behind or taking them with you, traveling can be tough on a pet. Here at Clawington, our team of professionals are ready to see to your pet’s every need. With the best in food, bedding, and enrichment, you can travel in peace knowing your pet is taken care of.

Amenities & Services

Themed Suites

Outdoor Water Park

Indoor Themed Play Area

Luxurious Bedding

High Quality Toys

Cat Trees


Brushing & Fluff

Indoor AND Outdoor Play


Teeth Cleaning

Paw Pad Treatment

Let Your Pet Stay In Luxury

With our themed suites, your pet can travel to space, relax at the beach, enjoy the luxury of Rodeo Drive, and more!