Puppy Jamboree!

Introducing our latest canine extravaganza, the Puppy Jamboree, where your beloved pet can partake in a plethora of entertaining and interactive activities.



Puppy Jamboree Events!

August 25th & August 28th

Sign-Up must be completed by the 24th

$12 sign-up fee

Main Events


Easy Commands – Competitors will be given a series of basic commands and judged based on how well they follow them

Pup Foot-race – Competitors will go head-to-head in a race to the finish line.

Doggy-Limbo – Competitors will have to avoid the limbo stick at all costs, either by going under or over!

Treat-Eating – Each competitor will have to race to finish eating a line of treats.

Slippin’ Slide Time Trial – In the grand finale, competitors will race down a slippin’ slide in order to get the best time.

Side Events


Pin the Tail on the PB – Players will choose spots of peanut butter on a dog graphic to see who can get the closest to the tail!

Sprinker Dash – Players dash back and forth through sprinklers while chasing their favorite toys.

Treat Treasure Hunt – Players must find a series of colored bowls containing their favorite treats.

Puppy Soccer  – Players will be divided into different size classes and will be given a ball to chase.

Ultimate Fetch – Players will be tossed tennis balls to catch!

*  Pups must currently be a Clawington Daycare member, as well as signed up for daycare, on the day of the Jamboree