Madison’s Premiere Doggy Day Care

Come Play With Us!

Worried about your pet when you go off to work every day? Need a temporary place to take them for a day or two? Our doggy day care services in Madison, Alabama might be just the thing you’re looking for! The day care includes access to both our indoor and outdoor play yards as well as our splash pad (weather permitting, of course.) Our playground equipment is top-of-the-line, and as an added bonus, all dogs get a daily treat. All play time is supervised by our experienced, caring staff.

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There’s nothing better than knowing that your dog is not just in good hands, but actually having fun at their day care. Here at Clawington, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure your dog enjoys their day care time. We’ve invested in the best playground equipment for both our indoor and outdoor play areas, and have a splash pad that will help them cool off on hot days.

For extra peace of mind, our doggy day care packages include webcam access to two of our rooms so that you can check in on them throughout the day! We offer full-day and half-day options, as well as multiple pet discounts and 10 and 20-day packages.

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Ready for your dog to have a blast? Get in touch with us to sign up for a half day evaluation.

Looking for a little bit more?

We here at Clawington of Madison know that your pet’s are family, and sometimes they need that extra little bit of attention! Come check out our VIP packages and see what’s possible at Clawington of Madison!


Pet Day Care

Booking Policy

Please make sure your dog is current on all required vaccinations as well are actively on a flea and tick preventative. Please also make sure they have basic socialization skills. Inform us if they have any special dietary needs or restrictions, or will need to take medication during day care hours.

Fun And Friends

At our doggy day care, your dog will be able to hang out with their other canine friends (closely supervised, of course) and enjoy lots of playtime!


How are dogs screened before being accepted into day care?

Every time a new pup applies for day care, we have them come in for half a day to get to know them. One of our staff members carefully observes their behavior towards the new place, other dogs, new people, and anything else that may be of concern to either the dog, the staff, or their owners. After the screening, we’ll decide whether the dog is ready for day care and make a recommendation for full day, half day, adjustment periods, socialization, etc.

What are your vaccination/flea and tick requirements?

All dogs are required to be current on their vaccinations. They are also required to be free of fleas and ticks. We will help you screen your dog when you bring them in for evaluation.

Are you able to accommodate special diets/medications?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis. Please let us know upfront whether your pup will need medication administered while they are with us, or whether they are on a specific feeding schedule/diet.

What kinds of packages and discounts do you offer?

We offer a multiple pet discount starting at 10% per pet – please get in touch with us for more details. We also offer 10 and 20-day packages at discounted rates.